Cancel Your Xbox Game Pass Subscription in Just a Few Minutes

Xbox game pass is a service that allows you to play games on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console. One of the many perks of this service is that it will give you access to over 100 games for the duration of the subscription period, which can be quite useful if you are just getting started with gaming or want to try out new genres like role-playing games or action-adventure titles.

How to cancel Xbox Game Pass on iPhone

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service for Xbox One and Xbox One S that allows you to play games via your phone.

This is a simple guide to help you with Xbox cancel subscription on your iPhone.


To use Xbox Game Pass, you need to have Xbox Live Gold.


If you have an iPhone and don’t have Xbox Live Gold, you can still use the app. In order to cancel Xbox live gold, you need to go to the app’s settings, then choose “Cancel”. You can also cancel it from the app itself.

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How do I cancel Xbox Game Pass on IOS?

We can use the Xbox Game Pass to cancel our subscriptions and stop paying for it. This is quite easy to do on the Xbox app, but if we are using an Android phone or Windows PC, we may not have access to the Xbox app. We can also cancel game pass through our mobile device.

The cancellation of your subscription will not be possible unless you cancel it in Xbox Game Pass app.

How do I cancel an Xbox Game Pass subscription?

Cancel an Xbox Game Pass subscription is a common problem for many video game enthusiasts. Although there are several ways to cancel an Xbox Game Pass subscription, the most popular way is to call the Xbox Live support number. You can visit the website to get the direct number of email. You can also opt for Xbox subscription management.

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Does Xbox Game Pass automatically cancel?

This is a common question that many gamers have been asking. There are many factors that determine if Xbox Game Pass will automatically cancel or not:

  • One factor is if the subscription was purchased through the Xbox Store or Microsoft Store. If it was, then the subscription will automatically renew at the end of its term unless you cancel Xbox live before then.
  • If you purchased your subscription from a retailer, then it may or may not be auto-renewing depending on how long ago you bought it and what retailer you bought it from.
  • Another factor is if your Xbox One console is set up as a home console or an office console. If your console is set up as a home console, then Microsoft will renew your subscription after one year, but if you have an office console, it depends on your organisations pack how they have planned microsoft xbox subscription cancel.

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Can’t cancel my Microsoft Xbox subscription

Microsoft has been in the news recently because of a new Xbox One update. The update was supposed to make the process of cancelling an Xbox subscription much easier. However, it seems that this is not the case.

Many people are reporting that they are unable to cancel their subscriptions or get help from Microsoft customer service.


You can cancel your Xbox subscription at any time by following these steps:

  • Log in to your account on and select Billing from the menu on the left.
  • Select Xbox game pass cancel subscription from the menu on the right
  • You will be prompted to enter your billing information and asked if you want to cancel your subscription for Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, or both. Select Cancel Subscription for Xbox Game Pass, or Cancel Subscription for Xbox Live Gold or both as appropriate before clicking Submit.
  • A confirmation message will appear confirming that you have successfully cancelled your subscription and that it will be cancelled within 24 hours.
  • That is how your go about Xbox membership cancel.

How do I cancel an Xbox Live credit card Payment?

The best way to cancel a credit card payment is by contacting the bank that issued the credit card. Contacting Xbox Support might not be an option as they will not be able to cancel a payment.

You can also cancel a payment for an Xbox Live credit card by logging in to your Microsoft account and going to the billing page. There, you will find the option to cancel your subscription. If you want to cancel a subscription but don’t want to do it through your Microsoft account, then you will need to contact them by phone or email.

Hope you will be able to cancel Xbox live subscription now.