Firestick Won Connect to Wifi - Check Network Connection

Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the best inventions for people who love to watch movies and stream other multimedia content. It is compact, easy to set up, and easy to use, giving you plenty of entertainment. However, it works with Wi-Fi, and sometimes people report that their Amazon Fire TV Stick doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi. Most of the time, it happens due to connectivity issues, but in case your Wi-Fi works fine and still can’t connect, this guide could help you. Today we will walk you through and help you fix the problem of Amazon Firestick won’t connect to wifi.

We understand that it can be very frustrating when you want to watch your favorite series or movies, and suddenly your Amazon fire TV stops working and starts showing your Wi-Fi connection error. Well, don’t worry, that’s why we are here. We will help you identify the problem and fix it by troubleshooting. But before we jump to the main content, let’s see what Amazon fire TV Stick is and why it’s so popular.

Firestick won’t connect to internet

Although Amazon FireStick is a fantastic device, it can face certain connectivity issues quite frequently. This will surely ruin your experience. Imagine that you were late home after a tiring day and try to relax by turning on your FireStick. Fortunately, you get interrupted while watching your favorite show just because of some Wi-Fi issues, which sounds very annoying. But here is good news that you can solve these problems by solving problems.

There could be several reasons that cause firestick wont connect to internet problem with your FireStick. However, it is quite easy to solve them using some problem solutions. In such cases, the first thing we recommend is to restart your device by unplugging the cable and plugging it back in after a while. If the problem persists, you may need to factory reset your device. Please refer to the guide below to identify your problem and resolve it accordingly.

Firestick wont connect to network

Check your Internet and Wi-Fi connection

If your problem is not resolved after restarting the device, there may be a good chance it is a connection error. Therefore, you should check your Internet and Wi-Fi connection for any possible failure. So, check the status of your network and if it doesn’t work, fix the problem by restarting your modem.

To check the status of your network, follow the steps:

  1. Go to the setting menu.
  2. Click on the network option.
  3. Click the Play / Pause button. This will display the details of the quality of your network.

Fire stick 4k won’t connect to wifi

When it comes to the streaming device, Firestick 4k is undoubtedly the tycoon of this era, nothing can be flawless, and there will also be some blemishes. Similarly, in Firestick, most users have experienced difficulties connecting to the Internet. What I’d like to suggest is that anytime this issue comes up, initially reboot the device and just unplug the device’s power cord and sit for about 10-20 seconds after the plugin works again. And if it doesn’t work by following this guide, you will be able to solve this problem, how about we go directly to the guide?

How to connect Firestick to Wi-Fi or network?

The problem behind Firestick not connecting to Wi-Fi is the network error. Therefore, you should know that you are on the exact network to ensure connectivity. I hope you are on the exact network. By following these steps you can verify the connection.

  1. So you first need to do it on your device and then click Settings.
  2. Then click on the network.
  3. Now under the local internet name you need to click the play / pause button.
  4. When it opens, you will be able to see the details of the network and it will mention everything about the Internet connection, the quality or any connectivity problem.
  5. If you see the list of problems, you can use the suggestion given to solve the internet connectivity problem.

What do I do if my firestick won’t connect to wifi

Many people will think that it is valuable when they cannot connect to the Internet is to forget about the network and connect again. This step is similar to the previous one but with a twist.

  1. On your Firestick, you need to go to Settings.
  2. Now you need to click on the network.
  3. Then you can select your preferred network.
  4. Of the 3 horizontal lines, you must click the menu button to forget the network.
  5. After that, select the confirm button.
  6. The network is already forgotten, then choose the preferred network again and connect it.
  7. If necessary, you can enter the password.

After doing this it also doesn’t work then you should try restarting your router.

How to connect Amazon fire stick to wifi without remote


Whether you have lost your Fire TV Stick remote control, or just want an additional remote control without having to buy one, the official Fire TV Stick remote app is capable of controlling Fire TV Stick, Fire TV and Fire TV Cube devices.

The Fire TV Stick remote app can also control other Fire TV devices, including Fire TV Cube and Fire TV 4K. You can download this unique app and use it as a remote control for all your Fire TV devices.

How to connect firestick to wifi with computer

Computers are not designed to have HDMI input.

You may be able to add video capture hardware with HDMI input that is HDCP compliant. The price will end at around $ 100, and the quality will probably be less than the direct connection to a monitor.

We are much better at natively streaming FireTV services using equivalent applications on the computer. You can also use the streaming function to mirror a FireTV screen to a laptop.

Amazon fire connected to wifi but not internet

If your Amazon Fire TV is connected but you don’t have internet access then there is only one solution for all these problems. Let’s start why this happens.

I said only one solution. Before you find the support team, you should check and fix some general problems, and maybe you can solve it in the end.

Check WiFi or Internet connection

You must verify that your Internet or Wi-Fi is working or not. Sometimes the internet connection is weak, so make sure your Wi-Fi router is working. If your internet device is not working properly, follow these things.

  1. Check the Internet with other devices like phones and computers.
  2. Restart your modem or router by clicking the buttons on the back.
  3. Remove the LAN cable from the router and reconnect it.
  4. Unplug the power button and check again.

Now, wait 3-4 minutes after making any choice when your modem starts working again and try connecting your device to the internet if your device successfully checks whether or not your browser works on that device.

Amazon fire stick keeps dropping internet connection

The only way to solve it is by restarting the Fire TV stick, then it works for another 10-15 minutes before iPlayer freezes, freezes and then I find that the stick has lost internet connection again. I suspected it might be the wifi signal strength, but all the other mobile devices in the same room are fine.

For more info and additional help please contact fire stick remote replacement & Fire stick buffering.

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