What is the Geek Squad Scam? To Prevent it from Happening

The Geek Squad is the U.S. based electrical subsidiaries company which provides a service by selling products including laptop, refrigerator, Cell phone, video games, electric cars, etc. the company provides its services globally. The company was established in 1994 by robert stephens. The Geek squad provides a service in store, on store, and remote while giving 24*7 customer care services and on-site support. The company diagnosed the issues and repaired the customer’s appliance. It has collaborated with best buy.

What is the Geek Squad Scam?

Geek Squad scam is an imposter Scam where the scammers will represent themselves as the best service provider and ask you for help. Through this help procedure they will take over all your information and misuse them. Through this procedure they get access to your device remotely and control it as per their needs.

The scammers come to you via website link or text. Where they ask you for some subscription or updation.


After the confirmation they get access to your account and take over all the money from your account.


There are different types of tricks used by scammers that are going to explain in the blog below. Read them carefully and make yourself aware of them.

  • Geek Squad Auto-Renewal Scam
  • Phishing Emails
  • Geek Squad Tech Support Scams
  • Misleading Browser Pop- ups
  • Password reset scams
  • Accidental refund or overpayments
  • Bogus “protection” plan offers

Geek Squad Auto-Renewal Scam

The Auto renewal scam is about where the scammer sends you a text and email where they will inform you that you have applied for a geek subscription and if you did not cancel it then we will charge hundred or thousand dollars.

Once they receive the amount then they will call you or mail that they are refunding the amount to you. For refunding the amount they use stolen credit cards or accounts. And to proceed the refunding procedure will ask you for your credit card details. With that they get access in your account.

What to do

  • You get a responsive mail or invoice for the query you never did.
  • You will ask to call the same phone number rather than to the customer care of geek squad.

Geek squad Phishing Emails

The phishing emails scams are about where the scammer will call you by informing you that there is an antivirus in your account. Also, they will tell you a solution for getting rid of it by pressuring you to download the malware website or application sent by them. When you enter the link, your account will get accessible for them.

What to do

  • In this case you will get a phone call or an email where they will tell you that your device is infected with the antivirus. And this cannot be happened without any remote accessible in your device.
  • The hacker will ask you for remote access to your device to remove the antivirus. So be aware of such a situation where someone asks you to remotely access your device.

Geek Squad Tech Support Scams

The geek squad tech support scam is about where the one will call you to download their malware software into your device.

There are two ways to perform it:

  • The scammer will call you and tell you that you own some of the amount with them to secure your device from infection.
  • The scammer develops a fake website by geek squad and will add on the fake number. When you call on it so automatically the call will connect to them. Where they ask for some amount to cure any issues that you’re facing.

Misleading Browser Pop- ups

Another way of scammers is pop-ups where they will pop some text to your device regarding antivirus. Where they will ask you to remove that antivirus by clicking on the click. When you click on automatically there will be a malware website that will download and when you enter then your information gets hacked by them.

Geek squad Password reset scams

Password reset is another way to scam where you will get a mail written “your reset password didn’t work”. Click here to reset your password with the new one. When you enter the link, you will be scammed by them. They will get access to all your personal information.

Geek squad Refund or over payments

Some of the scam occurs where the scammer will send you some of the extra amount in your account and ask you to pay them back. Further when you do whatever the procedure they will tell you, but that will not work. So they will ask you for your device access to check the refund. And by this they get access to your device and send all your money to themselves.

Bogus “protection” plan offers

The protection plan in the industry that promises to protect your device with any antivirus. These types of device weather do nothing or spread some malware in your device. So before buying any cybersecurity plan ensure you are convinced with their security plans. Without any research do not agree for any such plans.

What happens if you accidentally open a spam email?

In case if you enter in any spam emails you will face some malware that comes in your device through these emails.

How do I report a fake Geek Squad email?

If you get scammed by a scammer then contact your nearest or district cybersecurity customer care service.

How to recognize a fake Geek Squad renewal scam?

The fake renewal scam is about where the one will get a fake subscription renewal plan. And in the mail the one will be pressured to pay for subscription. Which is not required or not asked by the geek squad.

How to Remove Geek Squad Email Scam?

Try to verify the mail or mail ID through web search. If the mail id is not fake then you will not find it on web search.

Best Buy & Geek Squad scam email?

The geek squad scam email fake. Where the cybercriminal sends a fake email to the user to get access to their device or account. The aim of these scammers is to transfer all your money to their own accounts.


In this blog we have discussed the Geek squad scam where we have explained all types of scammers ways that they follow to hack ones. Read about them and protect yourself with them.

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    The Geek Squad is the U.S. based electrical subsidiaries company which provides a service by selling products including laptop, refrigerator, Cell phone, video games, electric cars, etc. the company provides its services globally.