How do I make a complaint to PlayStation or Report PS4?

PS4 or PlayStation 4 the successor of PlayStation 3 since 2013 is known for delivering wonderful gaming experiences and entertainment. PlayStation is development by Sony Entertainment. The incredible games and unlimited entertainment is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the PS4. It gives you the power to store games, apps, screenshots, and videos up to 1 TB inside the PS4 console. But if you experience the issues with PlayStation like not smooth working of PlayStation, overcharging, want to cancel the charges, looking for refund, then all these queries can be resolved over this blog.

In this blog, you will get to know how to make a complaint to PlayStation? Can you call PlayStation to get a refund? What are the contact details? Can you dispute the overcharging of PlayStation charges, can you stop the charges by removing your debit card from PlayStation. Can you sue for overcharging, etc.

How do I make a complaint to PS4?

If you want to make a complaint to PlayStation, then at first look over your issue. You can visit the official website of PlayStation and search for troubleshooting in the search bar. You can read articles and resolve your issues, but in case you do not find any solutions, then you can dial @1-800-345-7669.

You can get information related to your query or raise a complaint against a particular issue by calling on the given number. Rest, if you want to report a particular message or chat, then you can refer to the below mentioned information. However, the amount of refund can be reduced on the basis of how much service you have used till now.

What kind of content can you report on PlayStation

Report the specific content you think breaches the code of conduct. You also have the access to block other players to avoid further interactions.

PS5 consoles PS4 consoles PS APP
Profile content Screenshots and videos Broadcasts and comments Game Base group names, icons or chat messages Text messages
Voice chats Friend requests What’s new updates  

When content has been shared within a game, such as in-game chat or messages, please use the games’ reporting function.

  • Block players on PSN
  • Community Code of Conduct
  • PlayStation Policy against hate speech

Can you call PlayStation to get a refund?

If you require a refund after buying the following content from PlayStation, including full games, downloadable content, in-game consumables and season passes fall under this category, then you have 14 days to claim refund if there are any issues in regard to the same.

If you have bought content through PlayStation and you have used it within 14 days then you are not eligible to get the refund in case the content is not faulty. Get the refund for content within the time limit of 14 days.


In case, you have purchased any of the content and you want to get the refund for the same, then do not access it and get the refund within 14 days. You will receive a refund to the original payment method.

Can you dispute PlayStation charges?

If you require a refund from PlayStation for the charges you have paid, then there is a time limit of 14 days. You have to request a refund within the given time period. In case you have started accessing the content then you can get a refund within 14 days if you do not want the subscription anymore. Once you have started using the content access, then the published content must be faulty.

However, the PlayStation service provider reduces the amount of refund by deducting the amount of service you have used.

Is PlayStation being sued for overcharging?

Sony PlayStation is facing issues related to lawsuits for overcharging. The total amount of $5.9 billion is required in damages over allegations of overcharging customers for video games and selling in-games.

How do I cancel PlayStation charges?

  1. Go to Settings > Account Management > Account Information > PlayStation Subscriptions.
  2. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  3. Select Cancel Subscription.

How do I remove my debit card from PlayStation?

Open the PlayStation app of PlayStation, go to settings, select account management, and then tap on account information. After selecting the account information select wallet, and then choose payment methods to add or edit your payment options. Now you can add your remove your debit or credit card details.

How to contact PlayStation for unresolved issues?

Following are the ways to contact PlayStation for unresolved issues:

Call on the following details:

  • In the United States and Canada
    On the web:
    By Phone: 1-800-345-7669
  • In Latin America
    On the web:
  • By Phone:
    Argentina: 011-6770-7669
    Bolivia: 800-10-0228
    Brazil: 0800-880-7669 (from outside Brasilia); 4003 7669 (inside Brasilia)
    Chile: 800-261-800; (56)(2)7546333
    Colombia: Bogotá: 3581251; Nacional: 01-8000-94-00-11
    Costa Rica: 0-800-507-1007
    Ecuador: 1-800-00-7669
    El Salvador: 800-6148
    Guatemala: 1-800-2990001
    Honduras: 800-2791-9266
    Mexico: 01 800-759-7669; 5002-9819
    Nicaragua: 1-800-507-0011
    Panama: 800-2050; 800-7669
    Peru: 0-801-1-7000; (51)(1)201-2600
  • If you have questions regarding Closed Captions, please contact:
    John Kim
    Director, Legal & Business Affairs
    Tel.: 1-800-345-7669.
    Fax: 1-310-981-1570
    2207 Bridgepointe Parkway
    San Mateo, California 94404

You can consider the aforementioned details to connect with the PlayStation service provider. Dial on these numbers as per your location preferences, and provide you queries for the issues.

Write a letter to PlayStation about legal issues:

Writing a letter to PlayStation about legal issues is one of other issues helpful in resolving your issues related to overcharging, faulty content, etc.

Send email to PlayStation @


You can use email option to PlayStation service desk to describe your issues and get the solutions for the same as soon as possible.

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    PS4 or PlayStation 4 the successor of PlayStation 3 since 2013 is known for delivering wonderful gaming experiences and entertainment.