How to get peacock TV on my TV, Firestick, Smart TV

Introduction:The peacock TV app is a free app that lets you stream all your favorite shows from around the world, with no geo-blocking.

If you’re looking for a way to watch your favorite TV shows without geo-blocking, then the peacock TV app is perfect for you. The app lets you stream all of your favorite shows from around the world, so there’s no need to worry about regional restrictions or blackouts – just find what you want and watch it! Read here How do I get peacock TV.

How do I get peacock TV on my Firestick?

How do you get peacock on your tv? This is a question that is asked frequently. If you want to find out how to get peacock TV on your Firestick, then this article will provide you with the answer.

The peacock channel can be found in the Live TV section of your Firestick. This is where you can find all the channels that are available on your device. You can also search for it by typing in “peacock” into the search bar at the top of your screen and selecting it from the list that appears.

Is Peacock TV available on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes! This new app is available for all the users who own a Samsung Smart TV or an Android device with an Android 4.1 or higher OS version.

It is compatible with most of the streaming devices like Roku, Google Chromecast, Apple TV etc. The app has been designed to provide you with a wide range of content from various genres. You can find movies, series, documentaries and much more on this app. The best part about this app is that it also lets you watch live events from different sports leagues like NBA, NFL etc.

If you have a different TV, then know here how do i get peacock on my TV.

How do I install Peacock TV on my smart TV?

If you want to know, how do I get peacock TV on my TV, the steps below will help you install the app on your smart TV:

  • Download and install the Peacock TV application on your device.
  • Connect your device to Wi-Fi or plug in an Ethernet cable to get good internet connection.
  • Open up the Peacock TV application and sign in with your account credentials.

In case you do not have an account already, you must create one. Once you’ve got your account set up, you’ll need to download the app for your smart TV or streaming device (if it’s not already installed). The installation process varies depending on the device and manufacturer, but it should be fairly straightforward for most people to figure out what they need to do.

For full detail regarding application installation on your home device, read : how to get peacock on smart TV.


Why can’t I stream Peacock TV from my phone to my TV?


Peacock TV offers TV shows and movies. However, the service doesn’t allow you to stream it from your phone to your TV. This is because they don’t support Chromecast or AirPlay.

This seems like a missed opportunity for the company because most people would want to watch their favorite shows on their big screen TVs. If you are one of those people who are trying to watch Peacock TV on your TV, but can’t, this link will help you find a solution that will work for you: how to get peacock TV on firestick.

In nutshell:

Peacock TV is available in India on Zee Network and Tata Sky.

To get the best deal on your favorite channels, you may want to consider subscribing to a streaming service.


There are many different types of streaming services out there and each has their own strengths and weaknesses. To get the best deal on your favorite channels, it’s important that you research the different streaming services available and find one that fits your needs.

The first step is to determine what you want. What is your favorite channel? What kind of programming do you like to watch? Do you prefer drama or comedy? Once you have some idea of what you are looking for, it will help narrow down your search.

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