Netflix Free Trial Offer | How Do I Claim Netflix Free Trials?

Netflix offers a Netflix free trial to new customers and continues to offer the service to those who sign up. The main goal of this Netflix first month free is to lure in new customers by giving them a taste of what Netflix has on offer without committing any money or time yet. This allows them time to test out how much they enjoy their content before signing up for an annual subscription fee.

Netflix’s free trial is called “a week free.” This means that if the user likes what he/she watches, he/she can sign up for Netflix’s monthly subscription plan at any time during the first week of their trial period.

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What is Netflix and how important is it?

Netflix is a streaming application from which you can watch thousands of movies without downloading them in internal memory. One has to subscribe to the application to get access to unlimited watch time related to shows, movies, music, podcasts, and other visual shows. It is important to get access to various types of shows that are streamed on the internet.

Nowadays everyone is more interested in watching short movies, series or episodes and Netflix fulfill such a purpose with paid subscription.


The paid subscription is available in three different plans:

  • Basic plan
  • Standard plan
  • Premium plan

What are the prices of Netflix subscriptions?

The prices of Netflix subscriptions depend on the type of plan you buy. Following are the plans bought by the individuals to access unlimited movies watch time:

  • Single or group plan on mobile screen.
  • Single or group plan on desktop.

The prices of the plan depend on the mobile or full screen and the number of people sharing the screen. Even the prices of plans depend on the location like country or region. For instance, the subscription of Netflix is cheaper in India than America and cheaper in Turkey than India. You can buy the plan according to the location.

What is Netflix’s free trial offer?

Previously Netflix used to offer Netflix 30 days free trial to the users but the users manipulated this free scheme. Due to the continuous manipulation the Netflix started facing losses and then the free trial scheme got removed by Netflix. The Netflix free trial offer used to provide free access to Netflix to every user for one month using card or other payment methods.

Now Netflix is not free but anyone can remove the payment method from Google Settings, if he does not want to pay anymore.

How to Get a Netflix Free Trial in 2023?

There is no Netflix free trial 2023, however the users can navigate into the access at cheaper prices. The streaming giant provides access to Netflix subscription at $6.99 with the advertisements in the content. Watch ads and get the subscription at low prices and access unlimited watch time and unlimited movies available on Netflix.

Hence, if you are looking for a free-of-cost version then it is not possible this year. But you can watch your favorite picture on streaming giant, Netflix using the budget-friendly scheme.


If you want Netflix at lowest prices then you can watch through other locations where Netflix subscription is available at lower rates.

One can remove the payment method from Google Settings if he does not want to pay any more for the subscription.

How can I get a free trial of Netflix without payment?

It is not possible to get a free trial of Netflix without payment now. But if you want to check how it works you can ask your friends to share the plan or buy the cheaper plan in the beginning. You can also buy Netflix from other countries to save your cost where costs are lower.

For example, America charges higher for Netflix subscriptions than India. And Turkey charges almost half of the charges paid in India. Using strong VPN settings can help you to pay lower for the Netflix subscription.


How do I claim my 6 months free Netflix?

You cannot claim a 6 months free Netflix trial as there are no more options for free trial on Netflix. Choose a sharing plan for Netflix and you can get the price reduced for yourself even on mobile and desktop.

Netflix free trial without credit card?

There is no free trial for Netflix using credit card or any other payment method. You can buy the cheaper plan or remove the payment method from Google settings whenever you feel that Netflix is not meant for you. There are no commitments or rules to leave Netflix anytime. You can come and go anytime using the preferred payment method available on the buying page.

Is Netflix free with Amazon Prime?

Netflix is not free with Amazon Prime. Both of these are dedicated streaming apps where you can watch videos. There are slight differences between both of these platforms as using Amazon Prime you can also shop on Amazon but you cannot access Netflix using Amazon Prime. You have to buy a dedicated plan to use Netflix. Buy the plan directly from Netflix and get additional discounts using Netflix Gift Card or discounted offer.

Is Netflix free with Fire Stick?

No, Fire sticks are used to convert a Non-smart TV into a smart one. When you facilitate your TV with a free stick you get access to different online apps using the internet connection. Hence you have to buy Netflix dedicatedly even if you buy a fire stick.

Buy Netflix from the original website. Do not buy the subscription from outsiders to avoid issues.

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    Netflix’s free trial is called “a week free.” This means that if the user likes what he/she watches, he/she can sign up for Netflix’s monthly subscription plan at any time during the first week of their trial period.