What is Plex TV link code and Plex Pass Lifetime Discount?

Plex is a media player software that allows you to stream and watch videos from your computer or other devices. The Plex TV link is a digital platform that includes live TV, DVR content, on-demand video, and original programming.

Plex TV Link is one the most popular streaming player application used by millions of people in the world. So if you want to start streaming amazing TV shows and films you need to sign in to the Plex TV account and get started with your Plex TV Link. You can use any device such as Android, Smart TV, IOS, Roku, and many more to sign in to Plex and activate the device to stream the Plex media player.

What is the Plex TV link and how to activate it?

You will need a 4-character plex activation code to move forward with your activation procedure and it will access you to connect with your plex account. You need to receive plex code activation to get your plex to activate done.

Activate plex on Smart tv

You need to receive an activation code to activate plex on the smart TV. So to stream plex on the big screen of your smart TV then you are required to connect your TV to your plex TV account. Comply with the exact below-stated 3 easy steps.

  1. Firstly, you will see the “sign-in “option on your screen so click on the option and you will be able to see the “four-character” plex device activation code. The same code will help you with your sign-in process.
  2. Now visit the on your device. Fill in the Plex account details on the same page to Login into it.
  3. After login in, enter the activation code and go for the submit button. Now you will be linked to your account after taking a few seconds.

http // activation code fire stick

Now to install your plex TV application on your fire stick you are required to sign up for an account by visiting and add your favorable plan. Follow the following steps to install the plex on the firestick.

  • Look for the” FireStick Search” option on the home screen in the middle 
  • Enter the Plex and click it in the search results. 
  • Download and install the Plex app when you find the Plex app icon in the Apps & Games section.
  • Open to operate the Plex app once it is installed.

And follow the same procedure as mentioned above for smart tv for sign up.

Plex pass lifetime discount

If you want to activate your plex on android or IOS mobile by downloading the app directly from the Google play store or apple store. Now follow the below steps for Plex pass lifetime discount or plex ios app activation.

  1. Download the Plex app on your device by visiting the store respectively
  2. Open the app once it is installed to operate.

To sign up, follow the above steps mentioned in the smart TV section.

How much does Plex’s lifetime subscription cost?

The basic Plex TV application is free on every platform, whereas the Plex TV Pass has three price tiers. You can pay a $5/month subscription, $40/year subscription, or $120 for a lifetime subscription. If you want to run Plex on Roku then follow the mentioned steps below for plex to activate Roku.

  1. First of all, launch the Plex channel.
  2. Type the details to sign in to your Plex account. You will receive a 4-character activation code for your Plax activate on Roku.
  3. Then open the browser on the device and visit

What is the plex app?

The Plex Channels app allows you to access all the channels that are available in Plex for free without having to pay for them individually like Netflix or HBO GO would require you to do if you wanted to access them.