Activate Your Straight Talk Service Quickly and Easily

Straight Talk is a contractless mobile phone plan created by TracFone and Walmart. You can choose between two plans: the $ 30 All You Need plan, which lasts approximately 1,000 minutes for 30 days, or an unlimited $ 45 smartphone plan that includes unlimited calls, data, and text. Find out how to activate a straight talk plan on the phone of your choice.

Activate straight talk phone

You must contact customer service to complete the process. The representative can guide you through the Activate straight talk phone process and assist you in activating the phone.

How to Activate Straight Talk

  1.  Find the red Straight Talk activation card that came with your SIM card. It lists the serial number that you should use during the activation process instead of your phone’s previous serial number.
  2. You will find the service PIN on the back of your Straight Talk service plan card. You may have already purchased a $ 30 or $ 45 service plan card if you purchased a Walmart activation kit. If you do not have a service plan card, you can purchase one during the activation process.
  3. After purchasing your SIM card, go to Click “Continue” to start the process.
  4. Enter the serial number. The following are the different numbers you may need depending on the type of phone:
  5. Enter the IMEI / MEID number on the red activation card if you bought the phone from TracFone.
  6. Enter the last 15 digits of your new SIM card if you already have a phone but bought a TracFone SIM card.
  7. Enter the MEID if you bought an iPhone through Walmart or the Straight Talk website.
  8. Enter the zip code of your main residence.
  9. Enter your service PIN if you have already purchased your $ 30 or $ 45 plan card. Click the credit card option if you want to purchase your plan during activation.
  10. Create an account. It is necessary to re-pay with your credit card every month and see details of your plan.
  11. Enter your credit card details and choose your tariff if you have not activated a service PINAgree to the terms and conditions.
  12. Insert your SIM card when you reach the confirmation page. Wait a few hours to 2 days for the mobile service to be activated. Try to make a call.

Straight talk activation kit

You can use your own GSM or CDMA phone with Straight Talk Wireless! When you buy a new phone online, a free SIM card is included. However, if you want to use an existing phone, purchase this SIM card activation kit.

Straight talk activate sim

So you have registered for Straight Talk and can activate your mobile phone. If you bought a straight talk phone, it will already be delivered with the required SIM card. However, if you want to keep your current phone, you’ll need to purchase and install a SIM card before you can activate your device. But don’t worry – it’s a quick and easy process.

Buying a sim

First and foremost make sure your phone is compatible with Straight Talk. It must be either a compatible AT&T device or an unlocked GSM device. Not sure if yours is compatible or not? You can check it online. If so, you can pick up a Straight Talk Keep Your Own Phone Kit.

Install your sim

To install your SIM card, you must first remove your current SIM card. If you have an Android device, you’ll need to remove the back of your phone to access it. If you have an iOS device, you need to open the small compartment on the side of the phone. Then simply replace the old SIM card with the new one. The gold area should be placed down and the notched corner should be in the correct position.

Straight talk Sim card activation

After your SIM card is set up, you can activate your phone. There are two ways to do this.

  1. Go to
  2. Call on straight talk activation phone number.

Straight talk customer service number to activate phone

Keep all the materials you may require before you. This incorporates your phone, your SIM card bundling and your Straight Talk Unlimited 30-day administration plan card. On the off chance that you don’t have a help plan card, have your charge or Mastercard prepared to get one during the enactment procedure. Whether or not you actuate on the web or by telephone, the prompts will assist you with rearranging the procedure.

Skip the hassle

  • Before you know it, you’ll enjoy more speed and more data for less money.

Straight Talk is the no-nonsense wireless brand. That’s why we make it easy for you to switch your current phone. If you have any questions about activating your SIM card, contact Help for assistance. Before you know it, you’ll enjoy more speed and more data for less money.

Straight talk activate new phone

To activate your new Straight Talk phone online, all you have to do is go to You can also activate your new straight talk phone by calling our customer center at official support phone number.

Straight talk phone won’t activate

Straight Talk’s “Bring Your Own Phone” plan requires a compatible, unlocked phone, an activation kit, and an unlimited straight talk service plan.

Straight talk activations take time! If you have waited more than 12 hours for a new activation (a number transfer / number port in this can take 24-48 hours), you should try the following:

  1. Program your device by calling * 22890 (Verizon towers only) and completing the programming sequence. (Use only for Iphone 4)
  2. Turn your device on and off and leave it out for 2-3 minutes. Sometimes this is reset and the towers are spoken again.
  3. Reset your device to factory settings. (This will delete EVERYTHING), but sometimes the problem can be fixed. You can reset it by going to Settings> Reset> Reset All. (Varies by device)


We would strongly recommend that you have live chat with Straight Talk if you have tried to complete your activation and are having difficulty. You can chat with them here: You can also chat with them live

Tip – Mobile hotspots and tablets are only compatible with Straight Talk data service plans. Unlimited straight talk plans and everything you need won’t work with these devices. Service plans are not refunded or returned. For mobile hotspot devices: A single connected device achieves optimal speeds. Performance is reduced if multiple devices access data simultaneously via the hotspot. Actual speed, availability, and coverage depend on device, usage, and network availability. With the original settings of Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot, any Wi-Fi enabled device can connect if the connection is not secured. For more information, see the service manual included in the package.

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    Straight Talk is a contractless mobile phone plan created by TracFone and Walmart. You can choose between two plans: the $ 30 All You Need plan