What is Chegg and How Does it Work?

Chegg is an online ed-tech platform that offers the student community with relevant study materials, tutoring services, live classroom experiences, and chegg textbook rental services. It is the one-stop destination for all academic-related problems. Prior to the company’s founding in 2005, its founders made a concerted effort to find employment but were turned down by every employer because they lacked prior work experience. The name came from the summation of Chicken and Egg- ‘Chegg’, and the never-ending debate on which one came first. very much like getting a job for work experience.

The business focuses on renting out textbooks to students and is primarily a rental-based model that gradually expanded and started renting books in both online and physical rentals.

Chegg makes online education accessible to millions

With its hundreds of online educational tools and mediums to provide solutions. The company is committed to providing faculty-administered solutions to all students.

Chegg Services

  • Textbook rentals
  • Video and pdf modules
  • End-to-end solved questions
  • Exam prep practice
  • Advanced study material
  • Round-the-clock professional guidance
  • Live classroom instructions
  • One-on-one chegg tutor services, etc.

Get access to 800+ study materials- Sign-up or Login

Today, Chegg comes at the top spot when it comes to the most reliable, authentic, and genuine chegg homework help. The platform has 800+ professional Chegg experts onboard with more than a decade of field experience. Find chegg math solver to history to literature to programming languages, Chegg provides legit instant solutions that fetch our student community A-quality grades. Our testimony lies in our 5 out of 5-star rating and 100% success rate.


Chegg is more than just a platform for getting easy solutions. Sign up from their main website and you get to log in and connect to a wide network of learners and professors who are learning and growing together. The steps for logging in to the Chegg Student are as follows.

  • Step 1: Go to the official website.
  • Step 2: The login option is located on the home page.
  • Step 3: Click the “Already registered, log in here” link that is located beneath the sign-up form.
  • Step 4: By clicking on that link, you’ll be directed to a new page.
  • Step 5: Enter the Login credentials like Mail and Password.
  • Step 6: Then enter the captcha code to continue the login process.
  • Step 7: Now, click on the submit button to complete the login process.

Your Chegg Login is now complete.

How Does it (Chegg) Work?

Once students log into Chegg using their login credentials, they will be taken to the search page where they can type the services they are seeking. You may be asking yourself why to use Chegg when you can just Google the questions and avoid paying a subscription fee. Well, if you’ve seen the complexity of the questions posed at the collegiate level, you’ll understand why Google is unable to respond to every query. A particular focus on the finer points and conceptual understanding is needed. And this is where chegg comes in as the savior.

Chegg student discount

As the leading student-first connected learning platform, Chegg aims to help every student achieve their best. We know how difficult it is to arrange money when you are not even earning yourself. Get 25% to 60% off on the latest Chegg courses and study materials. Browse through according to your specific requirements.

1. Who qualifies for a Chegg student discount?

Chegg Student discount is available to anyone over the age of 16 who is enrolled full-time in school, including high school, college, and universities. You are additionally qualified if you are pursuing an apprenticeship. You can access thousands of Chegg free student discounts by simply registering and confirming your status as a student. 

2. Unlock a 25% to 60% Chegg student discount

By using the student discount, you can receive a 25% discount on the first month of a Chegg Study Pack subscription. Use our Chegg student discount code at the checkout to enjoy 25% off your first month’s subscription.

Chegg study pack- Your one-stop learning tool

  • Get access to 32 million answered homework questions
  • Guided video modules
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Step-by-step math solutions
  • Subject-specific practice exams with step-by-step solutions
  • Grammar and plagiarism checker plus chegg citation machine help

Chegg Study Pack represents a monthly saving over individual subscriptions to Chegg Study. Get access to Math Solver services and Writing services. Get help with certain specific topics that call for special attention and earn top-quality grades

Chegg Study- Ace your academic career

Avail premium access to a Chegg study subscription. Receive professional assistance within 30 minutes of query generation. Chegg’s study covers courses in business like finance, economics, electrical engineering, advanced physics, anatomy, psychology, etc.

  • Abundance of resources to refer to
  • Chegg Experts’guidaance
  • Access to the database
  • Polished writing services
  • 24X7 support

Chegg offers a compendium of online services for students, from textbook rentals to help solve math equations. Some of the services are quite valuable, and the students can easily avail of them by applying the student discount code.

Chegg Customer service

Receive outstanding customer support services throughout your journey with us. Our team of customer support specialists pays close attention to details and tries to resolve every issue at the earliest possible hours. You can contact our customer care support team at the Toll-Free Number: (855) 581-9873, (408) 351-0942 or you can also email your doubts to With a consumer rating of 4 out of 5 stars from positive clientele reviews, it indicates that most customers are generally satisfied with the Chegg customer support services.  Get in touch with our expert team and receive instant customer support backing up.

In conclusion,

Currently, Chegg serves as the exclusive rental outlet. It is a new educational platform that provides a space for professors, educators, students and learners and connects and shares content. Connect with Chegg Experts who are vetted professionals having more than a decade of field experience who can solve any type of question within an instant. Simply upload your specific question, doubt, or query to get high-quality answers. The platform not only relieves the student from pilling under academic stress but also gives them plenty of time to concentrate on extracurricular pursuits.

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    With its hundreds of online educational tools and mediums to provide solutions. The company is committed to providing faculty-administered solutions to all students.