How to Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail Not Working Issues?

Electronic mail or Email is one of the most effective and fast ways to communicate with other people. It holds great importance in everyday business communications. This fact is undeniable. Every day, millions of emails are sent from companies to customers and vice versa.

Yahoo! Mail was launched in 1997 by Yahoo! It has more than 300 million active users, and it is widely considered as one of the biggest email providing services in the world. 

Overview of Yahoo Mail Issues:

When mail errors occur, it is mostly due to the invalid settings that had been accidentally configured. There can be several reasons that would prevent you from accessing your account. Here is the list of some common reasons that would lead to Yahoo! Mail not working on Mac.

The most common reason behind Yahoo! Mail not working internet connectivity problems: 

  1. Mac OS might not be up-to-date.
  2. There might be some interference with a third party software installed on your Mac
  3. Your account has been blocked or its security has been compromised.
  4. Yahoo! Mail server might be down that would cause the connection problem.
  5. Some sort of Malicious Software or virus may be preventing access to Yahoo! Mail.
  6. The browser needs to be up-to-date.
  7. Mac Mail needs to be up-to-date

Yahoo mail not working properly

There can several reasons responsible for causing you trouble signing into your Yahoo Mail account or accessing certain features in it on Chrome. If you are facing such problems with your Yahoo Mail account, you can try fixing them by following the below mention steps.

Here are the steps to fix issues with Yahoo Not Working Properly on Chrome

  1. Clear the Cache from Your Chrome Browser
  2. Keep your Chrome Browser Up-to-Date
  3. Restart your Computer   
  4. Make Sure to Enable JavaScript
  5. Deactivate Browser Enhancements
  6. Deactivate Antivirus, Antispyware, and Firewall Products Temporarily
  7. Check Whether your Yahoo Account Works Properly on Other PC’s or Mobile Devices
  8. Reset Chrome Browser to its Default Settings

How to fix yahoo mail not working

Fix problems with Yahoo Mail in iOS Mail

Confirm if your account works outside of the app

  1. From a pc, open a web browser.
  2. Log in to your Yahoo Mail account.
  3. Compose a new email and add your address in the “To” area.
  4. Send the email and look if it arrives within 5 minutes.

If any problem occurs, you’ll require addressing those before the account will work in an app.

Update your operating system

Apple releases updates to its operating system any time they identify a fix to an issue. Be sure you are using the latest version of the iOS software.

  1. Remove and re-add Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail
  2. Remove your Yahoo Mail account from iOS Mail.
  3. Re-add Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail.

Add Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail with IMAP

If the automated setup method fails to obtain the correct server info, you can manually enter it.

  1. Remove your Yahoo Mail account from iOS Mail.
  2. And then, set up an account manually in iOS Mail using the Yahoo Mail IMAP settings.

Use the Yahoo Mail app

If you’re still not able to connect to the iOS Mail app, there might be something wrong with the device. You can also access Yahoo Mail by downloading the Yahoo Mail app.

Yahoo mail not working on a mac?

Many users connect their Yahoo account to Mac mail for their feasibility and convenience so that they can manage multiple email accounts in one application. But sometimes because of tiny ignorance, Yahoo mail doesn’t work with Mac Mail. So, if you are also facing the same email Yahoo issue then you might be entering some wrong credentials or your mail setting is not up to the mark.

As the majority of the e-mail problems occur because of invalid settings or if there is some kind of issue with the Yahoo Mail account. Thus, one can utilize the methods which are dispensed below to determine the actual problem Yahoo Mail Not working with Apple Mail.

Fix Yahoo Mail not working on Mac Mail Issue: 

  1. Fix: Check if Yahoo Mail Account Works Outside of Mac Mail.
  2. Fix: Update Your Operating System.
  3. Fix: Delete and Re-add Yahoo Mail Account.
  4. Fix: Check Yahoo Mail Account Settings.
  5. Fix: Temporarily Disable Security Programs.
  6. Fix: Check If Auto-Forwarding is enabling.
  7. Fix Incorrect Server Address.
  8. Fix: Take the Email Account Offline.
  9. Fix Quit and Prelaunch Mail App.
  10. Fix: Check Yahoo Account Login Info.

How to Prevent Yahoo Mail Problems?

Yahoo! Mail is a famous name in managing messages and emails for people around the world easily and efficiently. On some occasions it fails to work that would cause distress to the user, here are some tips to prevent such problems.

  1. Internet with fast downloading and unbroken connectivity is essential to prevent Yahoo! mail problems.
  2. Scan your pc for viruses frequently.
  3. Check your spam folder regularly. There is a chance that the email you were waiting for may have ended up in the spam section.
  4. Be sure that you are using the right Username and Password.
  5. Keep your apps and Operating System updated with the most recent version.

Closing Words:

Yahoo! Mail may not be our first preference, but it carries a nostalgic feel to it. We have all grown up with this email service. It is still alive and kicking in the corporate world too. New features have been added to make it fast and convenient for the user. It is supported all across the globe. It can also be connected with Apple’s Mac Mail app. This opens a one-touch path for the user to use the yahoo email service. But sometimes due to multiple reasons, connectivity problems can occur. Now, you know the tips and tricks to tackle such issues in no time.

If above mention steps don’t work, visit yahoo mail quick fix tool & yahoo mail down for more details.