ATT HR One Stop | How Do I Get My ATT Employee Discount?

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ATT HR one stop phone number

You can call directly to the AT&T human resource management and the AT&T HR one Stop representatives will be able to provide you assist on the call with your requirement.

What is AT&T HR One Stop?

It is a website for employees and retirees where they can watch certain news and benefits information from home or other non-work locations and can also access the Equifax W-2 website to view, print and/or reprint their Form W-2 through Equifax for the tax year 2011 and forward.

ATT HR One-Stop Service 

It gives current employees access to news and information on business benefits, e-benefits, and family vacations. You can also check their presence, salary receipt last month, stock removal and insurance coverage by AT & T’s Human Resources Management. You can also be notified of internal vacancies and vacancies and update their resumes.

How do I verify employment with AT&T?

Requesting employment verification for AT&T employees is a simple and easy process, as long as only whether or not the employee worked for or is working for AT&T and the length of their employment is being requested.

Employers seeking employment verification for former AT&T employees


Press 1 for “employment verification” when the recording directs you. You should have an employer user ID, or you’ll have to set one up. This guarantees only legal companies are requesting the employee information and not trolling scams or unauthorized individuals. An agent will assist you to sign up if you don’t already have an employer user ID.

Type the company code “10535” when prompted after signing in is successful. This is AT&T’s company code and will offer you with any AT&T employee’s information.

Type the employee’s Social Security number when the voice prompts you. After a few seconds, the system will start to speak the information you requested. It is possible to have the system repeat the information by simply pressing the “#” key.

Current AT&T employees seeking their employment verification

Call AT&T HR One Stop at (888) 722-1787 if you are a present AT&T employee and are looking for a copy of your employment verification.


Firstly, Press “0” to speak with a Human Resources Clerk.


Provide your “UID” (AT&T Universal Identification). This number is allotted to you when you are hired at AT&T and never changes as long as you are with the company. The clerk has required confirming your identity before you can proceed next.

Tell the HR Clerk you are requesting employment verification. The clerk will ask for a fax number to which they’ll send the employment information. This is the only method to request employment verification if the current employee is requesting it.

Give the clerk with a fax number where you wish to receive the employment verification information. You’ll receive the information when the clerk completes your request and the system sends it. This is completed and the information is received in just one day.


To go to The AT&T HR One Stop website is

The AT&T employees can access their info, entry detail, salary receipt, news, internal job openings and can also apply for them. The retiree can find information on their post-employment health benefits as well as obituaries for other retirees. Employees can log in to AT&T HR One Stop hub using their ATT UID and Global Login numbers to use the tax information.

Services offered by hr-one stop for at&t employees

With the HR One-Stop service by AT&T, current workers can access news and information regarding company benefits, benefits, and family medical leave. They can also check their attendance, last month’s salary receipt, provident fund deduction, and insurance coverage provided by AT&T HR management.

Retired employees can also visit the ATT HR One Stop website to check their post-employment health benefits information and a brief biography of the deceased person for other retirees. AT&T HR One Stop website is a place for employees and retirees where they can watch certain news and benefits information from home or other non-work locations and can also access the Equifax W-2 website to view, print and/or reprint their Form W-2 through Equifax for the tax year 2011 and forward.


AT&T employees can log in using Employer Code 10535, your Social Security Number and Equifax Personal Identification Number (PIN); please note that inactive employees include employees on disability or leave of absence.

With the AT&T HR One Stop website, retired employees who are entitled to post-employment health benefits may register to access this website or re-register if you forgot your password. Plus, long-term Disability recipients who are not also retirement-eligible, COBRA participants and survivors of an active/retired employee are not able to access this website.

If you are not able to contact ATT HR

When you’re already frustrated by your phone, you crave a human connection, especially when the other option is listening to a soulless robot delivering a menu of telephone-tree options.

  1. Call AT&T’s service number at 1-800-331-0500.
  2. When the automated system alerts you that moment your call may be recorded, press zero. 
  3. You’ll be asked if you’re calling from the mobile number related to your account. Press zero again.
  4. The automated system will ask you what service you’re calling about. Once again, press that zero button.
  5. At last, you’ll finally get through to a human operator.

Final words

So you have learned AT&T hr one-stop number, plus AT&T’s employees can also share their experience on the dashboard. Although AT&T considered the most popular and decent company for the decades, its services have also some glitches and errors. Many people face problems with AT&T like ATT internet issue, ATT u-verse outageATT results, AT&T email not working, ATT support desk is not responding, SBCGlobal mail error, PacBell email error, and many more.

However, if you ever face any sort of problem with the AT&T services, you don’t have to worry, just make a call to AT&T support help desk and the AT&T customer representatives.