ATT Prepaid Plans | How to Choose the AT Prepaid Plans

AT&T’s prepaid service, formerly called GoPhone, provides access to AT&T’s network at lower prices. Customers can select from monthly or pay-as-you-go prepaid plans. Monthly plans are entitled to multi-line and automatic payment discounts.

This is definitely one of the cheaper methods to get unlimited data, but it’s not exactly a good deal. If you’re using that much data, you’re probably loading a lot of websites on the go — and this plan’s limitations are just going to slow you down. (AT&T launched a post-paid version of this plan a couple of weeks ago, featuring most of the same constraints and more confusing pricing.)


Alongside the unlimited plan, AT&T is also bumping up its $40 per month GoPhone level to include 6GB of high-speed data, instead of just 4GB. As before, speeds cut down to a mostly unusable 128 Kbps after that.

AT&T prepaid plans steps


  1. Talk & text (no data): $30; $25 with autopay discount
  2. 1GB: $35; $30 with autopay discount
  3. 8GB: $50; $40 with autopay discount
  4. Unlimited data: $65; $50 with autopay discount
  5. Unlimited Plus: $85; $70 with autopay discount
  6. Unlimited Plus includes 10GB of high-speed mobile hot spot access and the option to stream video in high definition.

Multi-line discount: You’ll have up to 5 lines on one account, with every additional line receiving a discount. You get $10 off the second and third lines and $20 off the fourth and fifth lines. This discount is only available on monthly plans.

AT&T PREPAID unlimited monthly plans

Plan details

Streaming video

You can stream high-definition video, up to 1080p, with AT&T PREPAID Unlimited Plus plan. Turn Stream Saver off to stream video in HD quality, when available.

AT&T PREPAID Unlimited monthly plan allows upload and download speeds of up to 3Mbps. They may slow data speeds after 22GB of use. Video content will be streamed at 1.5Mbps (standard-definition quality, about 480p).1

Using your plan internationally

When traveling to Mexico or Canada with a compatible phone or tablet, you can place calls, use data, and send SMS and MMS text messages to over 100 countries at no extra charge on an AT&T PREPAID unlimited monthly plan.

Heads up: You can only tether your device in the U.S. on your AT&T PREPAID Unlimited Plus plan.

Understanding reduced speeds

After 22GB of data use, we may slow data speeds during periods of network congestion for the remainder of your 30-day term. To learn more about our network management policies, go to info.

Here are the benefits of AT&T PREPAID plans and features


AT&T PREPAID unlimited plans provide unlimited talk, text, and data. They also provide:

  1. Unlimited talk and text in the U.S.
  2. Unlimited text from the U.S. to over 100 countries
  3. Eligibility for Multi-Line Discount
  4. Discount when you enroll in Auto Pay
  5. For talk, text, and information options for Mexico and Canada see AT&T PREPAID International plans and features.

1) AT&T may slow data speeds when the network is congested. Video streaming ltd. to 1.5 Mbps (SD quality). Add speed, usage & other rests apply.

2) Multi-Line Discount: Must enroll in Multi-Line account. The account owner is responsible for paying monthly plan charges for all lines. Additional terms and restrictions apply.


3) Auto pay discount $5 per month per line on monthly plans less than $50; $10 per month per line on $50 monthly plan;

How much will be charged att each month?

  1. Monthly plan customer’s payment includes the amount of your monthly plan plus recurring Add-Ons and any applicable taxes and fees, minus any existing balance and applicable discounts.
  2. Non-monthly customers are charged $25 and any applicable taxes and fees.
  3. Multi-Line Account Owners payment includes the amount of each monthly plan on the Multi-Line account plus recurring Add-Ons on the owner line and any applicable taxes and fees, minus any existing balance and applicable discounts.
  4. Multi-Line Members payment includes recurring Add-Ons and any applicable taxes and fees, minus any existing balance.

AT&T prepaid phone

You can also pick up a prepaid phone straight from AT&T, but if you’ll always have more choice by bringing your own unlocked device. That’s why I’ve rounded up the best phones you can buy outright to use unlocked on the carrier.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge
  2. LG G5
  3. Nexus 6P
  4. HTC 10
  5. LG Nexus 5X
  6. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

AT&T prepaid Sim card

Buy a Go Phone SIM card and enjoy the benefits of a prepaid cell phone on AT&T’s 4G LTE network. Save on the price of a new phone with a GoPhone SIM card.

Free SIM card from AT&T

You can also go to the AT&T website (Google “free SIM card AT&T”) and order a SIM card for free, with free shipping, too. You just have to wait. In the store, it’s still $5.

AT&T prepaid

AT&T PREPAID monthly plans have no annual contract and no credit check. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited talk and text starting at $30 a month and unlimited data1 on the $85 or $65 Monthly Plan.

AT&T prepaid activate

  1. Insert the SIM card
  2. Go to Device Support.
  3. Select, confirm, or change your device.
  4. Select View All Solutions > Insert SIM Card.

Sim Card Quick Start Guide

  1. Firstly, tap on the Phone.
  2. Enter the Activation Code from the Quick Start Guide and Zip Code where you’ll use your service the most, then tap the Call icon.
  3. You’ll receive a notification message along with your new phone number and directions to Power off your phone for 10 minutes to complete activation.
  4. After 10 minutes, you’re able to power on the phone and add money to your account.

Note: You’ll require adding money within 26 days of activation, otherwise, your account will be canceled, and you’ll lose your phone number.

New phone or SIM card activation

If after inserting the new SIM card you can’t do a call or browse the Web you’ll require to activate your new phone or SIM card online.

  1. Go to
  2. Select Activate your device for AT&T wireless device.
  3. Enter the required information.
  4. Select Continue.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete your activation.

Unable to activate online

If you’re not able to complete the activation online, you can:

  • Contact them.
  • Visit an AT&T store.

For more details, please contacts at&t outage map.