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At&t is one of the largest telecommunications companies that offers local and long-distance telephone services, wireless telephone services, high-speed internet services, and digital TV services and smart solutions for people and business.

How many AT&T stores are there in the world?

Connecting folks to their world, everywhere they live and work. That’s what AT&T is all about. And, with more than 2,200 company-owned retail stores and additional distribution through alliances with the nation’s leading retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, Costco and Radio-Shack, AT&T is delivering.

AT&T Retail Stores

Today, AT&T has over 16,000 retail locations in the U.S., together with company-owned stores and kiosks, authorized dealers as well as third party retail locations. The stores give shoppers a chance to talk with fully functioning wireless handsets and services so they can really kick the tires and comparison shop.

AT&T currently has dozens of AT&T Experience Store locations nationwide, which showcase the company’s complete portfolio of wireless, broadband, video and wired voice products and services in a way that encourages “hands-on” customer interaction.

What is an authorized retailer?

AT&T needs all Authorized Retailers to have their stores look simply like any other AT&T store. They wish the userr to get the same feel if they walk into any AT&T in any place at any time.

In order to be an Authorized Retailer, you should follow very strict guidelines and rules set by AT&T. AT&T regularly audits its dealers to ensure they’re following every single rule set forth in the agreement that both parties signed when they became an Authorized Retailer. They in no way can make up their own rules or contracts.

Make an AT&T store appointment

  1. Visit appointment
  2. Choose to Make An Appointment.
  3. Follow the directions to schedule an appointment.

Buy online and pick up in-store

Place wireless order and check in-store availability. You can get free in-store pick up within two hours.

  1. Go shopping smartphones and select a new device or accessory.
  2. Choose to check in-store availability to make sure it’s available.
  3. Confirm or enter the ZIP Code for the location where you’d like to pick up the order.
  4. Choose your preferred location.
  5. Follow the directionts to check out and submit your order.
  6. We’ll send you an email or text when your order is ready.

Charges and cancellations

  • They’ll authorize your debit, credit, or gift card when you place your order online. The total due will be calculated and charged at the store.
  • Orders not picked up within 3 days will be canceled.

Who can pick up an order?

  • For a brand new account – the account owner
  • All other orders – account owner or an authorized user. If you want someone else to pick up your order, make them an authorized user first.

What you require to bring to pick up an order

  1. Bring proof of ids, likes a driver’s license, passport, or government-issued ID.
  2. If you only bought accessories, bring the credit card you used.
  3. Transferring from another carrier? Bring that account number.

How to check the AT&T store near me

Visit for looking store near me.

AT&T store near me

The largest third-party operator of AT&T-branded (but not owned) stores now has more than 1,400 locations and opened or acquired 33 new stores last quarter, according to SEC filings.

AT&T won’t permit an Authorized Retailer to operate if they don’t follow every detail of the store plan. Every Authorized Retailer is told by AT&T what to hang up, where to hang it up at, What phones to have out on the show, when to change out posters, phones, etc.


This is because of AT&T wants the customer to get the exact feel of whatever store they are in. Besides the audits to ensure their Authorized Retailers are following everything to a T. They send in their own Retail Account Executives weekly to ensure the store is operating up to code.

AT&T store near me hours

If you want to purchase a new cell phone or TV or another device, you must probably visit the AT&T store near you. But first please check the operating hours of the AT&T store. They can vary in every location.

Generally, the working hours MON-FRI 10:00-9:00, SAT 10:00-8:00, SUN 10:00-7:00.

Is AT&T open on Sunday?

– Yes, It’s open.

Holidays are the time when people want to stay at home with families. But it doesn’t mean that the cell company can relax. If you want to go to the At&t store on holiday you could check the holiday hours beforehand in case it’s closed. For the exact information regarding holiday hours, please contact the closest store. Usually, At&t is closed on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Purchase Online and Pick Up in AT&T Retail Stores

While making an online purchase, if you select store pickup, you’ll see a list of nearby stores that presently have the product available. You can then choose the most suitable location and complete your purchase.

Your product will be ready for pick-up in an hour and you’ll get a text message alert when your product is ready for pickup.


When at the store, you can pick up your device or accessory and be on your way. Retail consultants are available to assist you with any requirements like transferring contacts or setting up email.

CheckFreePay Agents at AT&T store

These locations receive payments for wireless, U-verse TV, and Telco accounts. Payments are posted to your account within seconds.


  1. Bring your present bill stub to confirm the proper posting to your account.
  2. All payment centers process payments in real-time, therefore your account will be updated within seconds.
  3. Authorized CheckFreePay agents accept cash, checks, cash orders, and advance payments as well as deposits. Contracted payment centers accept cash and might accept other payment types, however, advance payments, and deposits aren’t accepted.

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    At&t is one of the largest telecommunications companies that offers local and long-distance telephone services, wireless telephone services, high-speed internet services, and digital TV services and smart solutions for people and business.