Consumers Energy Outage Map | How Do I Report Power Outage?

The planned consumer energy outage in Lansing, Michigan affected thousands and left residents of the St. Johns area in Clinton County, just outside Lansing, Michigan, without electricity, according to a past outage map report.

More than 3,500 Consumers Energy customers lost electricity for Three hours early Thursday morning. The outage took place around midnight, at 2 a.m. local time and affected those served by the Blue Water Substation in Clinton County and who typically reside in an area outside of West Colony Road, North Shepardsville Road, Taft Road, and Francis Road is limited, as reported by the Lansing State Journal.


The planned shutdown was due to a high-voltage line that had to be repaired. Another energy company, ITC, had to safely isolate devices to work on them. The utility typically notifies customers by email but has not had enough time in this case. They contacted as many customers as possible via email.

ITC spokeswoman Kelly Fulford told the Lansing State Journal that the company needed to maintain a power line and: “We thank everyone for being patient while we do these repairs.”

Consumers energy power outage map

The energy company urges its customers to report outages online or by phone. Customers can check the status of a power outage online on the Consumer Energy outage map.

Other advice to customers who experience an outage includes protecting your electronic equipment by unplugging it during an outage, at a distance of at least 1.80 m from run-down cables and anything that touches the cable, Call 911 and Consumer Energy and sign up for social media outage notifications and email.


Customers should also keep track of the expected recovery time, limit calls to emergencies, and make sure the phone has enough power. To plan a breakdown, customers should prepare an emergency kit, have enough non-perishable foods, and make sure they have flashlights and batteries.

Consumers energy outage map near me

Debra Dodd, a spokeswoman for consumer energy, said storms and high winds contributed to the outages. She expects Consumers Energy to seek mutual assistance to help restore power. Dodd said efforts to restore power would take several days.

  • Dodd warned people to avoid run-down power lines that they see. She said people should stay at least 25 feet away and call 911.
  • She also told people to only use generators as her instructions recommend. She said they shouldn’t be used in enclosed spaces like basements and garages.
  • You can track the outages near you online using the outage plans provided by the utilities.

What caused the consumers power outage in my area?

Weather, lightning strikes, strong winds, and ice are frequent weather-related power cuts. Severe weather can cause outage situations that last several days. Storms and strong winds can cause lines to come into contact with branches or other power lines.

How to fix consumers’ power outage problems?

You can’t fix the outage unless it is only you. If the outage has happened officially, then you should keep these things in mind:

Prepare for power outages

Take action now to be on the safe side in the event of a power outage:

  • Keep a battery-powered flashlight and radio handy. Make sure that these items are always accessible and that your batteries are fresh. Pay attention to updates on storm conditions and power outages.
  • Use safer LED candles. Wax candles are not recommended.
  • Plan a different way of communicating. Do not rely on a phone that needs the power to communicate. Have a standard handheld device or mobile phone ready as a backup.
  • Store water-filled plastic containers in your freezer. You can use them as ice blocks to prevent food from spoiling.

Discover more tips on storm safety

Consumer Energy wants to help you avoid further damage during a storm or outage. Follow these safety tips:

  • Avoid flooded places and areas with fallen trees. Both are typical places for the appearance of fancy lines. Remember, call 9-1-1 first to report failed lines.
  • Hire an approved electrician to install your generator. Incorrectly installed generators can be dangerous for you, your family and our crews.
  • During an outage, pull out the mains plug or switch off all devices. This action can help prevent a circuit overload when power is restored.
  • Leave a single lamp on to notify you when power is restored. When the power is restored, you can turn on the devices one by one.

Survive DURING

  • Keep freezers and refrigerators closed. The refrigerator keeps the food cold for about four hours. A full freezer keeps the temperature for about 48 hours. If necessary, use a cooler with ice. Monitor the temperatures with a thermometer.
  • Maintain food supplies that do not need to be refrigerated.
  • Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Generators, storage ovens or charcoal grills should always be used outdoors and at a distance of at least 2 m from the windows. Never use a gas stove or an oven to heat your house.
  • Check your neighbors. Older adults and young children are particularly susceptible to extreme temperatures.
  • Go to a community location with electricity when the heat or cold is extreme.
  • Switch off devices, devices or electronic devices or disconnect them from the power supply. The power supply can be restored by brief “voltage spikes” or “voltage spikes” that can cause damage.

Be sure AFTER

  • If in doubt, throw it out! Throw away any food that has been exposed to temperatures of 40 degrees or more for two hours or more, or that has an unusual smell, color, or texture.
  • If the power fails for more than a day, discard any medication that is to be refrigerated, unless otherwise stated on the drug’s label. If life depends on the chilled medication, consult a doctor or pharmacist and only use medication until new stock is available.

How do I contact Consumers Energy?

Consumer energy customer service for your company

Economic development for your company

The success of every company in Michigan creates a positive business climate from which we all benefit. For this reason, we provide companies like you with the tools you need for growth and success. From energy efficiency strategies to new building information, we help you save time, resources and money. Call the consumer energy outage team today and start planning your future.

Energy solutions for your company

Consumer Energy business specialists are here to help you find solutions that can help you lower your energy costs and stay competitive.

Consumer Energy’s business center specialists can help you:

  • Answer industry-specific questions
  • Forwarding to local community support
  • Find the right energy efficiency discounts for your business
  • Create individual energy solutions

Consumers energy report power outage 

If you need help managing your Consumers’ energy bill pay, the CARE (Consumers Affordable Resource for Energy) program may be able to help you. CARE is a two-year, affordable payment plan that keeps your energy costs under control. As a CARE member, you get the following benefits:

  • Part of your monthly bill will be paid by the program
  • Any overdue balance that you may have at the time of registration will be gradually awarded as a reward for timely payments
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