Facebook down | Why is Facebook Not Loading Properly?

Facebook has always been an irreplaceable social platform for many people. It gives a place where you can share with or connect to friends, family members, and grasp the news happen every day from all over the world in time. So when you find that Facebook down problem occurs or it fails to work normally, you will be hard to bounce back.

If you are not able to connect Facebook, maybe the whole social network could be down, or it might just be a problem with your PC, your Facebook app, or your particular Facebook account. It can sometimes be hard to find out if Facebook is down for everybody or just you, but there are generally signs that it’s one or the other.

Facebook Is Down

If Facebook is down our outage, try these steps:

  1. Check the Facebook Platform Status page.
  2. Search Twitter for #facebook down. Pay attention to the tweet timestamps to determine if other people are also experiencing problems with Facebook.
  3. Use another third-party “status checker” websites such as Down For Everyone Or Just Me, down right now, Down detector, Is It Down Right Now?, Outage.The report, or Currently
  4. If nobody is reporting issues with Facebook, then the problem likely lies on your PC or network.

Reasons for Why Facebook down Outage Occurs

The occurrence of Facebook down outage can be concluded into two main types:

  1. Facebook Internal Problem
  2. User-end Problem

Tips to Fix Facebook Down Issue

When you figure out that the Facebook down problem doesn’t happen because of the Facebook internal issue (it means that the issue only happens on you), you can try these 4 little tips to fix it by yourself.

Here we go.                        

Tip 1. Check Your Network Condition

Check the network condition once you notice Facebook down and all the contents on it can’t be loaded. If you are a connection to a Wi-Fi, switch to a faster one, or restart the route to improve the network condition.

If you are using mobile data, try to enable Airplane mode and turn it off, enabling your device to re-connect to the mobile data. After doing this, re-launch Facebook to check whether your Facebook down issue is fixed.

 Tip 2. Reload the App

After checking the network connection, close the Facebook app running within the background, and reload it once more. You can also turn off your device and start from the very beginning – turn on the device, and reload Facebook.

 Tip 3. Turn on Automatic Update

Facebook would frequently release its updated version which covers some bugs fixed and security updates. So keeping your Facebook App up-to-date can solve many Facebook bugs that are contained in the old version. When you discover Facebook down issue happens, go to App Store or Google Play Store to check whether you can update the application to the latest version.

By making sure Facebook is up-to-date, turn on the Automatic Update function on your portable device can easily help and save much time. For iPhone users, go to Settings > iTunes&App Store to enable auto-update.

Tip 4. Clean up Cache Data/Browsing History

When your device has low storage space, which is not enough to collect cache data and browsing the history, you would fail to load Facebook contents and it seems that Facebook is down. So if you are accessing Facebook with browser app, try to clean up cache data, and browsing the history of the browser as well as the device can certainly help.

Usually, the Facebook outage caused by Facebook’s internal problem would not happen frequently. So users can easily follow these simple tips to deal with Facebook is down a situation that happens to the individual. Grasping these solutions can help you deal with the problem easily when you encounter it without wasting so much time. If you have more solutions that want to recommend, welcome to share with us. How to change the Facebook password and Deactivate Facebook account.

When You Couldn’t be able to Connect Facebook

There are many things you can try if Facebook seems to be working fine for everyone else but you:

  1. Make sure you’re visiting If you’re using Facebook through its app, be sure it’s the official Facebook app for iOS or Android.
  2. If you’re not able to operate Face_book from your web browser, try using the official Face-book app. If you’re having trouble with the app, try using the browser on your smartphone or tablet instead.
  3. Close all of the browser windows, wait 30 seconds, open one window, and then try accessing Facebook again. Do the same to your Facebook app if you’re on a tablet or smartphone.

Note: If you think that your browser or app might not be closing or it gets stuck and won’t close, restart your device and try again.

  1. Clear your browser’s cache.
  2. Clear your browser’s cookies.
  3. Scan your pc for malware.
  4. Restart your pc.
  5. While not particularly common, there could be a problem with your DNS server. If you want to try switching DNS servers, you can go with several free and public options.
  6. If nothing has worked yet, you’re probably dealing with internet issues. For example, you could have lots of devices using up your network bandwidth. Contact your ISP as soon as possible to request further help.

Facebook down Error Messages

Aside from the standard HTTP status code errors like 500 Internal Server Error, 403 Forbidden, and 404 Not Found, Facebook sometimes displays error messages that explain why you can’t connect. For example:

  1. Sorry, something went wrong. We’re functioning on getting this fixed as soon as we can.
  2. Account Temporarily Unavailable. Your account is currently unavailable due to a site problem. We expect this to be resolved shortly.
  3. Your account is temporarily unavailable due to website maintenance. It ought to be available again within a few hours.

If Facebook is down with a message appearing on the screen regarding some sort of maintenance, then waiting it out is all you can do. Sometimes this maintenance impacts each Facebook user, however, it’s simply a tiny portion.

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    Facebook has always been an irreplaceable social platform for many people. It gives a place where you can share with or connect to friends, family members, and grasp the news happen every day from all over the world in time. So when you find that Facebook down problem occurs or it fails to work normally, you will be hard to bounce back.