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Power outages are usually only temporary, but are a nuisance – especially on a scorching hot day or in the middle of an ice-cold winter night – and you can ask: “When will my power be switched on again?” Problem with the power grid such as weather or an above average consumption. For Oncor outage map, contact official support team.

You can play an active role in restoring your power supply by reporting a power failure as soon as it occurs. This can help your utility company find and fix the cause of the Oncor outage faster!

How do I report a power outage to Oncor?

You can report your outage by calling Centerpoint directly. Oncor maintains power lines near you and is responsible for resolving problems related to your power outage. You can report your failure by filling out the online form and sending it to Oncor or calling Oncor directly.

How to fix Oncor outage report problems

In the event of a power ouatge, three important tips must be observed:

  1. Keep refrigerators and freezers closed to avoid spoiling food.
  2. If the heat or cold is extreme, move to another location with electricity for heating or cooling. Don’t forget to check your neighbors!
  3. Power cuts and blackouts may not take long, but if they last a day or two – be prepared. It is always a good idea to have non-perishable food along with water bottles for emergencies at home. Batteries and battery powered devices such as flashlights are extremely useful for light and other purposes even during a power failure.

What caused the oncor power outage today?

In general, the Oncor power outage happens for two reasons;

  1. A circuit breaker or fuse is tripped in your home, or the power lines themselves are affected. The cause in the latter case can really be reduced to one thing: weather.
  2. Power lines can be interrupted by a variety of natural causes: trees overturned by the wind can bump into power lines, ice and snow can tear off power lines, thunderstorms can hit electricity pylons, switch off transformers and so on. If your electrical system in your home is generally robust and the power fails during a storm, it is likely due to an outside influence.

Less often, other causes can damage wires. Animals may nibble in the wrong place at the wrong time, or a car may lose control and damage an electricity pylon. If your unit’s power fails on a clear day, you should contact your electricity company immediately.

If the power has only failed in your home or some items are working but others are not, this is a sign that the cause is somewhere in your electrical system. For example, damage to your service panel can cause your standard 120 volt outlets to work properly, but not your 240 volt outlets that power your large devices.


The causes can range from simply too many objects connected and switched on to serious damage to your electrical system that exposes you to fire or electric shock. If your electrical system shows signs of malfunction, you should consult an electrician.

What should I do

  1. If the power fails due to power line damage, there is actually a limit to your options. Most of the time you just have to wait. Repairing power lines is dangerous work and is often done in difficult conditions. It can be helpful to store unnecessary items – such as B. unused lights – switch off and on again individually if a surge occurs when you switch on again.
  2. On the other hand, try to redistribute the load if the power problems are confined to your home and you keep breaking circuit breakers or blowing fuses. Circuit breakers and fuses are safety features that are triggered when you draw too much current through a circuit. Redistribute the inserted elements or pull out the plug.
  3. If the redistribution of power does not work, you need to call an electrician. The problem could be anything; A short circuit in the cables, damage to your service panel or another problem. But it’s probably a security risk. Electrical problems can cause fires and seriously injure homeowners. Therefore, contact an electrician soon.

How do I check the status of my oncor power outage reliant?

Please contact your transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP) to restore the power supply as quickly and easily as possible. Your TDSP is commonly referred to as your utility company.

How to Use the Oncor power outage report

How do I Contact Oncor

You can reach Oncor at the following numbers:

  • For customer service Mon – Fri, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m .: call on their support number
  • For an emergency dial official Oncor support number
  • By email to
  • By mail to the following mailing address: Oncor Electric Delivery 1616 Woodall Rodgers Fwy. Dallas, TX, 75202.

Understand your bill

Oncor Electric Delivery does not issue your energy bill, only your retail energy provider. The energy relating to the provider’s invoice includes the shipping costs that Oncor receives and the shipping costs owed to the retailer. If you have any questions about your electricity bill, you must contact your retail energy provider directly. Here is the list of utilities in Texas.

Prices & tariffs

Information about delivery costs, shipping costs, different tariffs and tariffs, if you are serviced by Oncor, can be obtained directly from your energy supplier. Here is a list of Texas utilities.

Power supply prices

Electricity delivery fees are regulated by the Texas Public Utilities Commission and do not change very often (once or twice a year at most). However, electricity prices depend on demand and available supply and can change regularly. Contact your energy provider (REP) for information on historical electricity tariffs.

Budget statement

Budget billing is a way that customers can spread their bills evenly over the year to avoid irregular monthly bills that are mainly caused by market and seasonal fluctuations. Contact your energy provider (REP) to find out if budget billing is available for your plan.

Field of activity

With 7.5 million consumers, Oncor is the largest utility in Texas. According to the Texas energy regulations, Oncor is only allowed to operate the transmission and distribution part of the electricity service (Oncor is not allowed to hold any power generation facilities or provide retail electricity supply services).

Oncor Electric Delivery is a power distribution company in the United States. The company’s registered office is in:

  • 1616 Woodall Rodgers Fwy.
  • 75202 Dallas, TX

Always remember to bookmark the Oncor power outage map in your mobile browser for future reference.

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    You can play an active role in restoring your power supply by reporting a power failure as soon as it occurs. This can help your utility company find and fix the cause of the Oncor outage faster!