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Sign in to My Account to make payments, activate non-Paper billing, auto-subscribe or set up Payment System. 

Make One Online Payment

Credit card payments and account withdrawals you may take one business day to process and transfer to your account. If you want to continue with your debt, you can always pay more than the amount you pay, and the extra amount will go into your next payment. Please note that if you make two payments for the same amount on the same day, you will need to use two different payment methods to ensure that the second payment is not rejected as a duplicate.

Xfinity login pay bill

If you choose to install an Xfinity login pay bill method, you can save the payment method for future use by checking the box to save this payment method for future purchases and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the Payment Methods.

Xfinity Comcast bill payment online

Pay online with My Account, With My Account, you can pay by choosing Comcast pay my bill option to pay your bill, check your balance, see your payment history, sign up for automatic and paperless payments, and much more. Everything is online, available 24/7. Browse My Account online, download the app, or say “My Account” or “Pay My Payment” in your Voice Remote.

Xfinity pay my bill without signing in

Use Quick Pay to make one-time payments without signing in to My Account. Visit or click on Try Xfinity Quick bill Pay on the My Account login page. Enter your account number and additional account information (phone number or ZIP code) to verify your account and select Continue.

  • Choose the amount you want to pay and your payment method.
  • Enter the required payment details and select Continue.

Review your payment and select Send Payment. This is how you Comcast pay the bill without logging in. You will receive a message confirming that your payment has been submitted.

How do I view my Xfinity bill online?

Only a registered account user with payment permissions can access your bill in My Account and Xfinity xFi. Key users have full access to view, manage, and pay bills, and can also grant accountability permits to managers. Sign in to My Account with the main user account or manager.

From the overview tab, select View Bill Bills (PDF) to unlock your most recent debt. You can also view your most recent debt by going to the Payments tab in My Account and select View Bill Details.


From here, select View Previous Statements to Unlock Your Credit History. Alternatively, you can select the Bill View History in My Account> Charging to open past credit statements.

Select View PDF to open previous payment statements.

What happens if you don’t pay your Comcast Xfinity bill on time?

If you do not pay your Xfinity bill on time, the company charges $ 10. There is a grace period of up to two weeks before you notice any service interruptions, but the late Xfinity payment is effective immediately. If you are under pressure, it is advisable to call to see if you can find more time for kindness.

Xfinity is not sure about these fees, and you will need to call Xfinity to find out what yours will be. Xfinity pay my bill offers both contract and non-contract packages, so not all customers will be charged a first termination fee (ETF).


If you have a contract or service agreement and cancel it early, you will have to pay a termination fee early. The exact amount of the ETF varies depending on how much your contract is remaining, the cost of which decreases the fixed amount each month.

You can avoid ETFs by going with a non-contractual package – or a non-contract. But because that’s about $ 20 more per month than contract plans, there are still costs here. Talk to your Xfinity agent to determine which agreement will work best for your situation.

Can you set up payment arrangements with Xfinity?

Paying past balance through Xfinity login pay bill does not have to be excessive. We now offer refund programs so you can easily manage your payments and keep your Comcast bill pay phone number service running. Call us to set up a program. Contact Xfinity team at (888) 936-4968. One of our experts will work with you to set up your payment plan. Your scheduled payment dates and prices will be determined based on your previous balance. Once you have completed the setup, we will send you a confirmation email that includes your payment dates and how much you will pay each instalment.

Please note: If you are a California resident facing financial difficulties, you may be eligible to maintain your voice service even if you are currently unable to pay your debt.

  • For more information, call Xfinity customer support, or email WST-C
  • As long as you complete your payment plan and stay current with your normal monthly expenses, your service will remain operational.
  • There are several ways your program can be cancelled, leading to service interruptions:
  • If you miss the payment for this program, you will have 5 days to make a one-time payment on My Account or contact us. If you do not pay within 5 days, this application will be cancelled, and your service will be interrupted.

If you do not pay your regular monthly expenses, it will cancel the payment plan and lead to service interruptions. How to fix Xfinity internet outage and Xfinity email sign in issues.

Xfinity bill pay phone number

  • Call us at 1-800-Xfinity and follow the default instructions.
  • Send us a check using the entries included in your pay Xfinity bill online.

Visit the Xfinity Store to pay in person or use one of our Xfinity Self-Service networks. Xfinity Self-Service Kiosks are available within all Xfinity Stores. Check out our Xfinity Store first finder to find your nearest store, working hours and/or if it’s currently open. Visit the Western Union Quick Collect site.

No matter what payment you use, if your account is active you can verify that your payment was successfully passed by choosing to receive a payment alert in My Account.

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    Sign in to My Account to make payments, activate non-Paper billing, auto-subscribe or set up Payment System.