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Xfinity provides cable TV, internet, and home phone service. Services are branded Xfinity in areas where digital triple play services are available in the market. Xfinity Company offers television or TV over the internet (IPTV). Comcast serves homes and businesses in 40 states and also the District of Columbia. Comcast Corporation is a majority shareholder of NBCUniversal

Xfinity outage

Xfinity internet outages have been reported many times across the Washington City, DC area. The Xfinity outage map with surrounding areas such as Rockville, Elkridge, Baltimore, Alexandria, Silver Spring, Hyattsville and Arlington is also affected.

Xfinity internet outage

In addition to the DC area, there are reports of Xfinity internet outages in cities such as Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Philadelphia and Seattle, according to a outage map. You can check the outage map to see if there are reports of outages in your area.

The most commonly reported outage is the Xfinity Internet down. Out of 85% complaints against Xfinity Services 15% complaints are related to Xfinity TV). Nine percent of the reports come from users who have experienced a total outage of Comcast services. Check out Xfinity activate & Xfinity wifi not working article.

Xfinity power outage map

Xfinity users reported Xfinity power outages from 11:47 p.m. on Thursday, December, 2019 evening and most of the reports arrived on Friday morning at 12.17 p.m. There were more than 4,500 reports of outages this morning at 12:30 p.m. check for Xfinity internet outage or down in my area.

According to the Xfinity website, the company performs routine maintenance checks that started at 11.47 p.m. ET on December 19 and was continue until December 20 at 3 a.m.


How to check whether there is an Xfinity outage in your area


If your Xfinity services are down, you can check the outage card to see if a outage has occurred in your region. Log in to your account, register your phone number for updates, and send an SMS to 266278. Xfinity can send an SMS to notify you of the recovery of your services. In the meantime, Xfinity users can join an Xfinity WiFi hotspot until the internet is restored.

If an outage occurs in your region but there are no reported outages, Xfinity recommends checking the power and connections of your devices, restarting the devices and confirming that you are up to date with your payments. According to the Xfinity website, you should check the following before contacting Xfinity:

  1. “If you have a TV box, make sure the channel number in the channel window is lit. If you have a digital TV box and” 0 “is displayed in the channel window, it means that the box cannot receive any information.”
  2. “If you have other TVs, check if the problem is with one or all TVs. If Xfinity TV does not work on all TVs, the problem is probably outside of your home.”
  3. “Contact your neighbors to find out if they have a problem or just your TV is down.”

What causes Xfinity outages?

There could be many reasons for Xfinity outage such as the administrative block may have damaged due to any power cut or something bad happened with the service, or there could be a bad weather. There could also be Xfinity wifi down issue during an outage. Also, check for Comcast internet status.

Here is what to do when there is an Xfinity wifi outage:

How to fix Xfinity outage problems?

If your Xfinity cable outage, TV or internet is down, having Comcast mobile outage, you can try to fix our problem using our troubleshooting tool. Before troubleshooting, check for some common issues:

Check for reported Xfinity outages

Check if a service outage has been reported in your region by logging into your account and checking the status center.

If all of your services are green, there are no reported outages in your region.


Check the Xfinity power supply and connections of your devices


If there are no reported Xfinity is down, check for these common device problems:

  1. Make sure that the plugs of the devices have not come loose, the sockets are working and no fuse has blown.
  2. Check that all cable connections are secure.
  3. If your TV is connected to a TV box, VCR or DVD player, check that the TV has the correct channel.

Confirm that your payment account is up to date

Delayed payments can lead to business interruption.

Restart your devices – You can fix certain service issues for the following services:

  1. Xfinity TV: Follow the instructions in your user guide to reset the TV box. See the user manuals for your TV box.
  2. High-speed internet: restart your Xfinity gateway.
  3. Wireless Internet: Router is important for Xfinity Wireless Internet services so if there is an issue in wireless network reset it again from MyDeviceInfo.

Get some information – If you need to contact us, it is helpful if we have some information about your Comcast Internet outage:

  1. If you have a TV box, make sure that the channel number is lit in the channel window. If you have a digital TV box and a “0” is displayed in the channel window, this means that the box cannot receive any information.
  2. If you have other TVs, check if the problem is with one or all TVs. If Xfinity TV does not work on all TVs, the problem is probably outside your home.
  3. Contact your neighbors to find out if they have a problem or just your TV is down.

You can find more information on this topic in Xfinity chat help and support forums.

How to fix Xfinity internet outage?

First, you can rule out many connectivity problems by connecting your computer directly to one of the ports used by your Ethernet cables (find and find your router). You can then continue with the following troubleshooting options.

  1. The first solution to troubleshooting an internet outage or connectivity problem (after making sure you’ve paid your bill) is to check your modem. You can solve most problems by restarting your modem. Unplug, wait 30 seconds, plug in again, and wait two minutes before trying to open websites again. By modem restarting almost all the issues resolved. If this works, you can identify the problem as a problem with one of your home network components.
  2. If this doesn’t seem to work, your second option is to update your computer’s internet signal. This is your Internet Protocol (IP) address. This is usually a different address when your computer connects to the Internet. This type of restart can change depending on the system type (Mac or Windows). If you happen to look at your modem and the LED is blinking, you can make sure the problem is related to your Xfinity cable company and home furnishings.

If all else fails, pick up the phone, call your technician, and wait for updates.

There are also some useful websites that provide real-time downtime or outage status information for a number of Internet service providers in the United States. For example, on the Xfinity internet outage page on the outage. report website, you can find out whether there is a Xfinity outage in your region. How to fix Xfinity bill pay online and Xfinity wifi not working issues.


When all else fails, pick up the mobile, call your technician, wait for updates.

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    If all else fails, pick up the phone, call your technician, and wait for updates.