How to Activate Your Roku Device and Start Streaming

Roku is a very famous name in the media streaming world, with the company providing several products that start from as low as $29.99 and go all the way up to $129.99.You can enjoy watching several nail-biting shows in your leisure time. Apart from it, Roku also provides channel activation and cancellation services.

Anyway of what you’re looking for, Roku has something for everybody. Of course, a good media streaming device is nothing without the best content, and Roku certainly has everything covered in that area as well.

Roku activation code

When you want to activate your Roku streaming stick then you require to login to in the pc then you can activate your Roku stick with unique code. The best thing is that you can also connect your android device with this Roku streaming stick for that you require to connect your Rokutv with internet ( wifi then you can go to system settings using the remote control. In the system settings, you can find screen mirroring enable that option and in your android device, you require to change setting in an android device (screen mirroring). You can relax and watch the same channel on another device also.

Using you can activate your Roku stick for that. If you have an online account for Roku then you need to log in with your email id and password. If you don’t have a Roku account then you need to register an online account with your email and password. After successful login in your Roku account. You can find the Roku activation link in your account using that link you can activate any number of devices in a single account.

How do I activate my Roku?

Here are the steps to activate Roku TV:

Step 1: Connect the Roku box to your TV.

Step 2: Then, Turn on your TV, and change it to the input channel for your Roku box. When you see the Roku box’s welcome screen, press the “Select” button on your Roku box’s remote control.

Step 3: Choose the type of network connection you have (wired or wireless) on the network screen, and provide the necessary info that applies to your network. Once a network connection is fixed, you must see the activation screen with an activation code.


Step 4: Go to the Netflix activation website on your pc ( and log in to your account if asked to do so. Type the activation code on your tv screen into the text box on the Roku activation page. The Roku box will now activate.

How to activate the URL Roku com link? is an official link that assists the user to activate Roku activation to a Roku streaming device. The user required a Roku activation code to finish the activation process. Users can receive the code on their Roku device. Roku keeps upgrading features day by day to offer better to its users.

  1. Activate Roku Device through
  2. Open Web Browser on your Desktop or pc.
  3. Go to URL: to activate the Roku device.
  4. Click on Link new device and then click the submit button.
  5. Log in to a present account; else, create a new account.
  6. Complete the on-screen instruction to activate the Roku Device.
  7. After complete all the steps, you will get a message that “You Are All Set-Up”.

Do I have to pay to activate my Roku?

When you purchase a Roku device — whether it’s a low-cost Roku stick or box, or the Roku Ultra, or a Roku TV — you’ll require activating it. That links the Roku device (again, it doesn’t matter what you have), with Roku’s services, which in turn allow you subscribe to extra channels and do all kinds of other things.

That’s all perfectly normal. It’s also completely free. There is no charge to activate your Roku TV device. Once you’ve purchased the hardware, that’s all the money you’re required to spend.


Many channels require subscriptions. This includes Hulu and HBO and Sling TV and the like. But you don’t have to — nor should you ever — pay anyone to simply “activate” your Roku.

How to generate the Roku activation code?

  1. Firstly, Sign in with a Roku account.
  2. For the activation codes go-to player section.
  3. Activate that code from your pc (desktop/laptop).
  4. Open the web browser and go to the URL:
  5. Click the link on the new device and complete the activation process.

Roku TV Activation not working – What to do:

When you have issues with the Roku, the best solution is generally a soft reset. If that doesn’t solve the issues, a factory hard reset will generally do the trick.

Soft Roku reset: This method applies only if you can still navigate the menus in your Roku. Firstly open Settings > Advanced System Settings > Factory Reset. This will return everything to its default state. This will require to put all your information back in to access your Roku channels, but sometimes it’s the only option left.

If Roku can’t respond at all:

If Roku is entirely locked up, you might want to try hard resetting the Roku. A hard Roku reset requires you to discover the reset button on your device. The location will differ depending on the model. You hold down the button until you see it is actively resetting and the Roku logo has pop up on the screen. From here you’ll get a clean setup and hopefully find your issue is gone.

Roku Activation Not Working

Check Your Batteries: Weak or dead batteries can make the remote break-down. So, simply remove the batteries, and then re-seat them. If the remote is not responsive, replace the batteries and try again.

Final Words

So, there you’ve it for this roundup of some of the common problems encountered by Roku player owners and temporary solutions on how to fix them. If Roku not working or face any other issues, visit the customer support page for more assistance.

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