Screen Record on Mac | Quicktime MacBook Air Recording Audio

Screen recording is not a new thing. But in the recent times, it has become more and more popular. It is easy to use and does not require any special skills to record your screen on your Mac.

Screen record on mac is a screen recording utility that allows you to record your screen, take screenshots, and save them as images. It can also be used to capture audio and video.


It is an important skill for any developer. It allows us to record our screen and post it as a video on YouTube. We can also use screen recorder to record screen on MacOS or Windows 10 machines.

How to stop screen recording on Mac

In order to stop screen recording on Mac, you need to disable the screen recording feature.

For the past few years, Apple has introduced several features that are meant to help users avoid screen recording on their Macs.

We are a society that has become accustomed to recording everything on our smartphones and computers. And the same goes for people who work in offices. Screen recording is a common practice in many industries and it can be used to record any kind of content without having to worry about copyright issues or privacy concerns. When you record screen on your Mac, you may think of it as a security risk. But there is actually no reason to do that. We should not be concerned about the privacy of our data. We should be focused on ensuring that we are not recording anything on our Mac computers.

Why is there no sound when I screen record on Mac?

The sound from the Mac is a great feature that helps you to hear what you are recording. However, if you are using a Mac with a non-standard USB audio cable and your Mac has no sound output on its internal speaker, there is no way to hear the audio recorded on your Mac.

If this happens to you, and you want to record yourself or someone else’s voice on your Mac.

How to screen record on MacBook Air

MacBook air has a built-in screen recorder that can be used to record the screen. It is easy to use and it saves time for the user. To start MacBook recording, click on the red button in the upper left corner of your screen. Do not worry about selecting a resolution as this will automatically change depending on what you are recording. To stop recording, press on the same button again or hold down Command + Shift + Esc keys.

The MacBook air is a laptop that has all the essential features needed for a productive workday. It comes with a high-resolution Retina display, an Intel Core M processor, and up to 10 hours of battery life. This laptop also has an excellent touchpad, which is one of the best in its class.

How to screen record on MacBook air with audio

To record audio on MacBook air, you will need a USB microphone and an external hard drive with high capacity storage space. You will also need to install macOS High Sierra, which is the latest version of Apple’s operating system for Macs.

To screen record on MacBook air with audio, you need to install a software called QuickTime. It is also necessary to enable the microphone that is built-in in the MacBook air.


To use QuickTime for screen recording, open it and go to File > New Screen Recording. Then click Record and the software will start recording your screen.

How can I capture video from my screen?

There are a lot of ways to capture video from your screen. Some of them are very complicated, others require expensive software and hardware.

There are two ways to capture your screen. One is to use the standard method which is using a video camera and the other is using a screen recorder app on your smartphone.

Screen recorder apps are designed to be used by people who want to record their screens for tutorials, presentations, or any other purpose. They usually have an easy-to-use interface that allows anyone to record their screens in high definition without worrying about compatibility issues with different devices.

The best screen recorder apps include:

  1. Screen Flow – This app allows you to shoot videos and edit them with the help of its simple interface
  2. Camtasia – This app is designed for recording videos from your PC or Mac
  3. Snagit – This app lets you take screenshots from any application

How do I record my MacBook air screen without QuickTime?

Some MacBook users may be wondering how to record MacBook air screen without QuickTime. There are a few ways that you can do this, but the easiest way is by using the built-in screen recording feature in macOS Mojave.

To record MacBook air screen, open the “System Preferences” and click on “Displays”. Under “Screen Recording”, you will see an option that says “Start Screen Recording”. Click on it and a pop-up window will appear with a timer in it. You can use this timer to set how long you want your recording to be before it automatically stops.

You can also get QuickTime and record, here is how:

  • The first step is to download QuickTime from the App Store and then install it on your computer.
  • After that, open up the program and go to File > New Movie Recording.
  • QuickTime will now start recording your screen with no issues. It’s also possible to record audio using this method as well.